Rock/Jazz/Ambient/Psychedelia/Folk songs written by Scott Seva Bears and Lee Clouds between 1991-93

 They Found Me in Lostdom

They Found Me In Lostdom

Imagine If... 



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This music was written and recorded during a phase when we were wanting to just write very clean, well written songs to the best of our ability.  Not a ton of production or pyrotechnics.  A lot of focus on the way a chord progression feels, how a vocal melody moves, what we could say with an acoustic guitar and our voices.



Lee Clouds wrote: Ocean Washout, Dawn Dancing in the Clouds (with Dawn Morris), Hi Sunshine! (including excerpts from the poem "Forest of the Mind" by Lee), Memories of Being on a Houseboat (with Mau Doyle), Spring Road (with C.K.), Cold Outside Warm Inside (with Elenor Moakley), It Passes All Things (written after reading Siddhartha by H. Hesse).

Scott Seva Bears wrote: My Grounding View, Ducks Playin' There, Circles for Black Elk, Let My Waters Flow, Somewhere (written many years later and retroactively included in this album because... it seemed to belong here).

Lee and Scott sang and played guitar on the songs written by each, Ducks... features them singing harmony.

Andrew Stauffer: Drums on Dawn Dancing... and Memories..., Electric Guitar on My Grounding View.

C.K.: Wrote lyrics to Spring Road and played Drums on it as well as on Ocean..., Hi Sunshine! and Circles.

Dawn Morris: Vocal on Circles, a great friend and inspiration, participating in the creation of many of these songs -- our Muse.








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