The Game of Nighne

A concept album in the Horror genre!  Same band as Out, but conceived and written by other members of the band Imagine If...

Notes: This album was so much fun to create, was in production simultaneously with Out during 1988-89.  I revisited it several years later and remade the opening track in blues format because there was always some dissatisfaction that the opening prog-rock style band song didn't come off as hoped; also reviewed and edited the raw materials to fashion a closing sequence for the album that I felt was really scary beautiful. The writers (A.S. & C.K.) had long since abandonded the project so I took the liberty of completing it to my satisfaction because I really liked the concept and recorded material. 


Andrew Stauffer - co-writer & producer, vocals, guitars, piano, organ, percussion....

C.K. - co-writer & producer, drums, voices, guitar on the so called "Snipper's Lullabye"(a middle section in "The Nighnth"), piano, scary sound effects, ideas, drawings

Scott Seva Bears - electric and acoustic guitars

Lee Clouds - bass, vocals, guitar on "Work", "Paper Airplane", "The Nighnth", piano on "The Nighnth", post-production