20 years in the making, my first album: a Science Fiction / Prog Rock / Jazz Fusion / Psychedelic Concept Album with wild creative production!  I once calculated the total time I worked on this album: 10,000 hours!!! 

(That's about 5 years on a full time job -- 5 yrs x 50 wks x 40 hrs per wk.)

What can I say?  I was in pursuit of a vision all my own.  This was my first baby and it expresses my love of Science Fiction books and movies (Douglas Adams, Azimov, Stanley Kubrick, Star Trek...), concept albums and progressive rock (Yes, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Tull, Rush, Zeppelin, Hendrix, David Bowie...).  Alas, though I did what I could with the multi-layered and ping-ponged 4 track recordings to clarify the music from the mud and noise of all those cassette tapes it was recorded on during the late 80s, it has nothing like the production values I would wish.  Now with computer recording software, it's so easy to layer up 16 instrument and vocal takes and mix them any way you want in the stereo field -- this required so much planning ahead to do with a 4 track recorder, and sometimes a perfectly good take would have to be redone for the sake of the overall mix.


 the liner notes, premise and credits:

Out liner notes


There were so many inspiring images of our neighbor planets that had come out and were coming out from the Voyager probes while I was writing the material for Out.  The Neptune flyby happened around then.  I think the original series "Cosmos" with Carl Sagan was an inspiration behind the work.  It's amazing how we keep learning new things about the "heavenly bodies" and just wonderful pictures keep coming along.  I feel very grateful for all the scientists and astronomers that work in that field.

here's a recent (2016) picture revealing an aurora or "northern lights" on Jupiter

Jupiter aurora