These albums were recorded using a Tascam 4-Track cassette recorder between 1987 and 1999... maybe someday I'll prepare more of this for release

  There were so many albums.  We were nutcases the amount of work we did.  If we had been playing live performances we would never have made so many, but instead this was our focus and our passion so we cranked out a serious volume - and with a lot of quality I think, looking back on it.  Hundreds of tracks on over 30 albums.  I was obsessed with sound and the capturing of it in recordings.  Here are some of the albums, all near 45 minutes in length (the side of a 90-minute cassette tape) which was at that time the standard length of records.  I list them here with the simple labels I made on a computer:


                  The Painting Album / 1990 (double album)                                     June Love & Reminiscenses / 1991

                           Lee Clouds, Scott Seva Bears                                                                 Lee Clouds

                Folk Rock, Jazz, Psychedelia, Instrumental, Avant-Garde                                              Folk Rock, Ambient, Instrumental

 Painting PaintingJune Reminiscences


                                     Waterways / 1991                                                                   Bawk Suv Wyers / 1991

                                         Lee Clouds                                                      Lee Clouds, Andrew Stauffer, Scott Seva Bears

                       Vocals only, multilayered with distortion fx                                                    Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion, Avant-Garde 

WaterwaysBawk Suv Wyers


            They Found Me In Lostdom / 1992 (double album)                            Autumn Shadows / 1993-99 (compilation)

Lee Clouds, Scott Seva Bears, Andrew Stauffer, Dawn Morris, C.K.       Lee Clouds, Scott Seva Bears, Andrew Stauffer

                             Folk Rock, Jazz, Psychedelia                                                                      Folk Rock, Jazz, Instrumental, Ambient

 (much of this material was used in the published album of same title, but not all)

They Found me in Lostdom disc1 originalAutumn Shadows old CD


                                    Oddnesses 9 / 1995                                                           Koham & The Jazz Album / 1994

    Lee, Andrew, Scott, Dawn Morris, C.K., numerous others                                           Scott, Lee, Andrew

             Numerous styles of music, genre-bending experimentation                                            Imagine If's most Jazz-inspired album of songs

(there were 10 Oddnesses albums in all, feed material for the one published)             Scott lead the way on this album, writing much of the material



                                   A Winter's Day / 1991                                                        Songs From the Overself / 1991

                                             Lee, Andrew, Scott                                                                         Lee Clouds

      Created in a single 24 hour period, mostly free-jammed instrumental                        Vocal only - many layers, with fx - spiritual, oceanic, astral

a winters day

Songs from the Overself


                                 African Voyage / 1990                                                            East Van Drumming / 1995

                                 Andrew Stauffer, solo                                                            Lee, Andrew, Matt Fish, Eric 

                            Instrumental: fender rhodes, synth, guitars                                An exploration of African style drumming recorded in a moving vehicle

                                                                                                                                                       while driving from Boston to Ohio and back

Andrews African albumeast van drumming 


                           Nature Recordings / 1987-93          

                               recorded by Lee Clouds

nature recordings







                        Haiku for Seahorses / 1995

                               Compilation (sequel to Bitlets)

                         The Voices in My Head / 1989

                               Lee Clouds - all vocal with fx

                         Smatterings / 1989

                               Lee Clouds - a 1-day album












did I miss any? :) lol