Music for the young at heart, written and recorded in 2000-2001 by Lee Clouds, Laura Sellens ("Lorelei"), and friends.

 Original painting ©2003 by Margaret Butler

Original painting ©2003 by Margaret Butler



Itsy Bitsy Spider

Lee: vocal, guitar, flute, piano, frame drum, cymbals

Stauff: bass, talking drums

Althea Dance: Waterspout montage


Out in the Yard

Lorelei: vocal, shaker, silly voice

Lee: guitar, percussion, silly voice

                     Stauff: percussion, accordion


                                                                      Shawn Ramirez: percussion



Althea: vocal


Waydy Bug & Wittle Woim

Stauff: woim voice, percussion, arrangement

Lee: waydy bug voice, guitar, cymbals, mbira, frog flutes



Mouth Ate the Rice

Cina Wakasa: vocal

Cina calls this a nonsense song: “Sesame and miso...the pot of tea is following you. 

If you go through it, it’s like “dondokosho.” 

A mouth ate the rice and said “chu! chu! chu!”  Even if father or mother calls, you can’t go there. 

Who is that person who scratched the rice ball around the well?”




                                                  Lee: vocals


Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Lee: vocals, guitars, banjos, whistle

Stauff: bass



I Wanna be a Dog

Lee: vocal, guitar

Dogs: residents of Greenwood, Seattle, WA


Old Joe Clark

Lee: voice, guitar, drum

Lorelei: percussion

Stauff: harmonica, percussion

                                              Shawn: percussion


Moo Von

Lee: guitar, banjo, moo

Lorelei: vocal, percussion


                Au Clair de la Lune

               Lee: flutes



Rock-a-Fly Baby

Althea: vocal


Up on the Roof

Lorelei: vocal

Lee: guitar, flutes, piano, rain-drum patter



Happiness Runs

Lee: vocal, guitar

Lorelei: vocal

Jenny Boyce: vocal

Ocean: Bonnet Point, RI

“Segwaves”: La Push, WA


Wynken, Blynken & Nod

Lorelei: vocal

Lee: guitar


All songs produced by Lee Cloud

CD Layout by Lee Cloud & Kerry Pitt

Special Thanks to:  Scott Bears for initiation of the whole project;

Cina Wakasa for her colorful & high-vibrational abode in which most of these songs emerged;

Andrew “Stauff” Stauffer for comradery & the space to complete the recordings;

Kerry Pitt for encouragement & help to publish.



Copyright Credits:

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