The Space Lizards

Philosophical/Political Satire Concept album - a tour de force production combining acid rock, ambient, and rustic world trance music styles with a punk attitude! 

Sweetness! Remember?

This has been called "Childrens Music for Grownups" - only listen to this if you want your heart filled with joy. 

Sundust Flower

Acoustic Rustic World Ambient Trance music

Created in January 1999 by                  Lee Clouds & Andrew Stauffer

Out - 20th anniversary edition

20 years in the making, my first album: a Science Fiction / Prog Rock / Jazz Fusion / Psychedelic Concept Album with wild creative production!  I once calculated the total time I worked on this album: 10,000 hours!!! 

Life's Spring Sprung / Strange Worlds

aka "Strange Spring" -- the best parts of 2 albums from the early 90's:

I think of it as "playfully insane, fun and often sweet music."

Heartwarming Songs for Kids & Everyone

Music for the young at heart, written and recorded in 2000-2001 by Lee Clouds, Laura Sellens ("Lorelei"), and friends.

Faerie Liltings


Lee Clouds solo project.

They Found Me In Lostdom

Rock/Jazz/Ambient/Psychedelia/Folk songs written by Scott Seva Bears and Lee Clouds between 1991-93


Compilation of dark & philosophical Rock/Jazz/Ambient/Psychedelia/Folk    World music material, orig. 2003

Sundust II - Epiphany & Vertigo

Acoustic & Computerized World Trance Ambient music



Eat This, Mutant - Part II: Comfort Food for Mutants

Philosophical & Satirical Rock/Ambient/Psychedelia/World music to accompany the "Manifesto"

Eat This, Mutant - Part III: The Mutant Manifesto

"The Mutant Manifesto" plus Rock/Ambient/Psychedelia/World music for accompaniment and elucidation



A compilation of completely insane "outakes" type material

The Game of Nighne

A concept album in the Horror genre!  Same band as Out, but conceived and written by other members of the band Imagine If...

pile of unpublished albums

These albums were recorded using a Tascam 4-Track cassette recorder between 1987 and 1999... maybe someday I'll prepare more of this for release