Lee Clouds:young Lee in a tree


(in first person: self-written 3rd person bios are a bit odd, no?)


  when i was 15, i awoke from a dream with a melody in my head; realising i couldn't name the tune, i thought it may be new -- and it was!  i had "written" my first tune, and i was hooked!  i stepped through that portal into a life in music art: writing, playing, producing, mixing original music.  at last in 2009 i compiled and published my work from 1989-2007 as 15 albums under various artist/band names that are available on the streaming music websites - see discography.  feeling so much satisfaction to finally publish all that work (and get it "off my back"), i walked away from writing and recording for several years.

  In 2015, life changing events steered me back into musical activity, but with a different path than before.  now, I am five years into a project of becoming a guitar virtuoso, have come far but am not there yet.  but i feel ready to start looking for musicians who live nearby to jam with and further hone my craft.  down the road a bit further i see myself forming an original band mixing many genres, languages, voices, improvisation.  

  My latest production work includes a song co-written with Teresa Mae called "Where?" -- the song is a duet about one friend helping another get out of a funk and find inspiration anew.  

a tiny forest on the bark of a tree

tiny forest on a single tree