Lee Clouds at your service!

 i'm a producer and musician, writer, arranger, mixer and first of all, singer and body-rhythmist.  my taste is influenced by 30's Blues, 60's R&B, 60's-70's Jazz, the "British Invasion" into Prog-Rock, Psychedelia, Zappa.., passing through Folkways records, moldy Ottoman court music from wax cylinders, Persian, Indian, Gamelan, Gagaku, Morrocan, West African, etc... and my own previous incarnations, experiments and adventures become influences of their own. 

 my all-time favorite albums: Bitches Brew, Electric Ladyland, The White Album, Blue Bell Knoll, Graceland, OK Computer, Aoxomoxoa, Ellington & Coltrane, Zeppelin II, Wish You Were Here, Tales from Topographic Oceans, Larks Tongues in Aspic, Monk's Dream, Brahms' Hungarian Dances, Handel's Water Music, Court Music of Kraton Surakarta (WML), Greek Music from the Isle of Crete (Lyrichord), Algerie: Sahara: Musiques du Gourara (Ocora), ...

... all of which, i assure you, sounds ecstatic on a nice pair of headphones!


Lee at Santiam State Forest, Oregon 2016by the Santiam River, Oregon 2015, last haircut!


(waxing on...)

  i am intuitive in my approach, and seem to be striving for a global language that can include everyone -- animals and plants too, if it were possible.  what if we musicians could emit a music that resonates with the Earth herself?  i would dance your soul with voices, words, rhythms, chords changing thru colors, textures and timbres, harmonies, gestures....

  imagine creating new forms of music that transcend our petty tribal biases to reach our timeless, infinite spirits with joy, adventure, grace, the blues, rhythm, soul, and yes, love.   you know -- love!  the best music of all

  -- what puts those sweet violins in your heart when you're falling for someone?   --   music welcomes you in!